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Putnam Bank is proud to offer eStatements to both our Personal and Business Online Banking customers.  With eStatements you can view your monthly statement sooner than you would if you receive a paper statement by mail, have access to up to seven (7) years' worth of statements (starting from January 2008) and view your check images.  You will also be helping the environment by choosing eStatements, as they reduce paper consumption.

Below we've listed some questions and answers to help you understand the benefits of signing up for eStatements.

Q. What is an eStatement?
An eStatement is an electronic version of your traditional monthly paper statement. It includes the same information as a paper statement, individual links to your check images, and any important notices or information from Putnam Bank.

Q. How do I sign up for eStatements?
eStatements are available only through Putnam Bank’s Online Banking (Personal and Business Banking) sites. If you are not currently an Online Banking customer, you can sign up for Online Banking by clicking the “Sign MeUp! " button on our home page. Once signed into Personal Online Banking, you can click on the “eStatements” link (next to the “Account Access” link), accept the agreement and you will have access to your eStatements.  (For Business Online Banking, please contact the Internet Banking department at 1-800-377-4424, option 2, to sign up for eStatements.)

Q. What accounts are eligible for eStatements?
All deposit accounts that have a monthly paper statement are eligible for eStatements. This includes checking accounts, statement savings accounts, PCP (Personal Credit Protection) and money market accounts.

Initially, the accounts viewable in eStatements will be the deposit accounts you currently see on the Account Access screen in Online Banking.  To add or remove deposit accounts, fill out the Add/Delete Accounts form (the link is in the "More Options" drop down menu on the home page - under the login area).

Q. Do I have to be an Online Banking customer to receive eStatements?
Yes. You must be an Online Banking customer to receive eStatements. We are confident that you will enjoy the many benefits of Online Banking (including Bill Pay and viewing images of checks drawn on your checking account).

Q. How do I access eStatements?
After you login to Online Banking, click on the "eStatements" link at the top of the page.

Q. Will I still receive my paper statement in the mail?
No – once you sign up for eStatements you will no longer receive paper statements; you may not receive both printed statements and eStatements.

Q. Is there a fee to receive eStatements?
There is no charge for Personal Online Banking eStatements; Business Online Banking customers receive a reduced monthly fee.

Q. Is my statement information secure with eStatements?
Yes. All Online Banking activity is encrypted, including eStatements.

Q. How and when will I receive my eStatement?
You will receive an e-mail from us within 72 hours after the end of your statement period notifying you that your eStatement is ready for viewing. The e-mail will instruct you to log in to Online Banking to access your eStatement.

Q. How long will my eStatement be available for viewing?
Your eStatements will be available to you for seven (7) years.

Q. Can I print my eStatement?
You can print your eStatement.  There is a also a printer friendly "Printable Version" link for each account.  One of the greatest benefits of eStatements is paper reduction. Because your eStatements will be available to you for seven (7) years, you may not find it necessary to print out your eStatement.

Q. Can I save my eStatement?
You can save your eStatement.  There is a "Printable Version" link for each account, and from that page you can select "File" and then "Save As " to save that eStatement somewhere on your computer.

Q. Will my eStatement contain images of my checks?
Yes, your check images (front and back) are available as individual links from within the eStatement. You can retrieve your check images by clicking on the check number located along the bottom of each account listed within your eStatement; the imaged check will pop up on your screen – you can also print it out or even save the image to your computer.

Q. What should I do if my email address changes?
A. Should you change your email address, you can update it within the “User Options” section of Online Banking. The next time you access eStatements, your email address will automatically get updated and eStatement notifications will now go to the updated email address.

Q. What should I do if I do not receive my eStatement?
A. First, make sure the email address you established in “User Options” is accurate.  If that is correct, then call Putnam Bank at 1-800-377-4424, option 2 and ask to have your email address updated for eStatements.

Q. Are eStatements available for business customers?
A. Yes. Please call Putnam Bank at 1-800-377-4424, option 2, and ask to sign up for eStatements.  Your monthly service charge will be reduced.

For additional questions about eStatements, please visit your nearest Putnam Bank branch office or call 1-800-377-4424, option 2.