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Advantage Points®

Earn bonus points by using your Putnam Bank VISA® Check Card and signing with every purchase*. With Advantage Points®, you earn rewards for your everyday purchases. You automatically earn 1 point for every $3 in purchases you make with your Check Card when you swipe your card, select credit, then sign your receipt. As a member, you are entitled to earn bonus points and money saving perks by shopping at the Advantage Points Perks Mall, More Points &

Redeem your points by visiting and registering your card or calling customer service at 1-888-839-3399. Choose from exciting merchandise, travel, green products, gift cards, charitable donations and more.

Great News!
You can also access your point information by visiting  on your mobile phone and you will be redirected to the mobile version of the website.

Learn more by reading the full brochure.

Click here to read the Terms and Conditons.

*Please keep in mind that while making purchases online or by telephone, some merchants or their processing services will submit the transaction as a debit card transaction rather than a credit card transaction. These transactions are not qualified for the Advantage Points. Putnam Bank is not held responsible for the method by which a merchant or its processing agents uses to collect funds, so please verify with the vendor before making purchases.

Automatic Transfers

Save yourself unnecessary trips to the bank by choosing to have your Putnam Bank loan payment automatically withdrawn from your checking or statement savings account. Automatic transfer of funds between accounts makes saving easier. Choose to have funds transferred from your checking to savings, IRA, or club account on a regular basis. Both services are convenient and free. Contact us to learn more about automatic transfers today.

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Bill Payment

Pay all your bills with our Online Bill Payment service - no more writing checks and save on postage.

  • Manage your bills from one easy location.  No more visiting each vendor's website to have them take funds from your account.  Remember one username and password instead of one for each vendor.
  • Receive emails confirming that a bill has been paid. 
  • Make individual or recurring payments.
  • Set up e-bills and receive your monthly bill online instead of by mail. (This is only available if the vendor offers electronic bills)
  • Run reports to determine how much you spend in a given time on certain bills (for example: find out how much you paid for utilities in a year).
  • Bill Payments can be funded from multiple checking accounts.
  • Bill Pay is FREE!*

* Note: If you don't make any bill payments in two consecutive months, a $5 monthly fee will be assessed to your checking account at the start of the third month.

Check Card

PB Check Cards

The Go-Everywhere, Do-Everything Card that works like a check, without the hassles. Our Putnam Bank VISA® Check Card is the faster, more economical way to buy the products and services you need. With your Check Card you can make purchases from your checking account without writing a check. Funds are automatically deducted from your Putnam Checking Account. You can also use your Check Card at any ATM displaying the VISA® logo. It's the checking, withdrawing, depositing, transferring card - All in One!

The Putnam Bank VISA® Check Card not only simplifies your purchasing, but it is also designed with you in mind.  Putnam Bank understands we all have different tastes, so we offer four different cards to choose from.  Choose the card that fits your style.

Putnam Bank is constantly working to ensure your security in an effort to better protect our customers and to reduce Debit Card fraud.  To read more about the steps Putnam Bank is taking to protect your funds and how this affects your Debit Card usage, please click here 

SUM Network
Putnam Bank is a member of the NYCE network's SUM program. What does this mean to you? If you use ATM's with the SUM logo on them then you will not be assessed a surcharge on your ATM transaction at that SUM ATM (foreign ATM transaction fees may still apply).

Click here to conduct a SUM search by City or by Financial Institution.

Check Reorders

Please Contact us for check orders.

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Direct Deposit

Arrange to have your payroll, social security, or other regular payment deposited directly into your Putnam Bank checking or statement savings account.

With direct deposit, you won't have to worry about getting to the bank. Contact us today to sign up for direct deposit. Free Classic Choice Checking with Direct Deposit!


With eStatements, also known as electronic Statements, you eliminate paper and can view your monthly checking or savings account statement online instead of receiving it on paper. You have faster access to your account statement and won’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. Plus, you’ll be helping the environment by cutting down on the amount of paper used to generate and mail your statement each month. Your eStatement contains the same information as a printed statement. We will also send you any important notices and disclosures about your account via e-mail.

Frequently Asked eStatement Questions

Funds Transfer (Bank to Bank)

With Funds Transfer, also known as external transfers, you have the ability to transfer funds to or from your Putnam Bank accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions and brokerage firms. In order to use Funds Transfer you must have a Putnam Bank online banking profile. To register simply login to your online banking profile and go to Move Money then External Transfers.

To learn more about Funds Transfer please contact our Online Banking Department by emailing or calling 800-377-4424 option 2.

International Services

Visit any of our branch locations to order foreign currency or wire funds overseas. For additional services see our Schedule of Service Fees. 

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Investment Services

Investment Services are offered through Infinex Investments, Inc. located at Putnam Bank. When you work with Infinex Financial Group, you can expect the same professional service you have come to trust at Putnam Bank. Our Infinex Representative will help you investigate the wide variety of investment services and products available and how they might work together to best meet your professional financial goals.


Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is perfect for banking on the go. It allows you to access the features of your Online Banking via a mobile device.

Click here for Mobile Banking Security Tips.

SMS Text Messaging Banking:

ANY phone with text messaging available can access SMS Text Banking.

Putnam Bank is not liable for any charges incurred from your mobile service provider.

Text Message Banking enables customers to access account balances, transfer funds, obtain recent transaction history and enable and receive account notifications for customized balance or transaction thresholds from their cell phone quickly, easily and securely; simply by texting command keywords to Putnam Bank's unique six digit short code.

Command Keywords:

  • BAL Current balance of primary account.
  • BAL ALL Balances of all online accounts.
  • LAST Last 5 transactions of primary account number.
  • TRANS X.XX Transfer to/from account specified in online banking. (X.XX = $ amount)
  • HELP Receive a list of available commands.
  • STOP Deactivate SMS Text Banking (can also be done within Online Banking).

Text Message Banking is activated and managed from within Online Banking. You can activate up to 2 cell phones per online banking profile.

Mobile App Banking :

Available for iPhone and Android Mobile Phones.

Putnam Bank is not liable for any charges incurred from your mobile service provider.

Mobile App Banking allows customers to access account information, transfer funds, pay bills, find an ATM or contact Putnam Bank by phone or email. 
Simply download the app from your phone's market.  Please note all Online Banking users will be prompted to accept updated Terms & Conditions when logging into Online Banking, and it is necessary to accept them before signing into Mobile Banking for the first time. To access your information,  use the same username and password you use for Online Banking.

Click here to access a demo of Mobile App Banking for your Android.
Click here to access a demo of Mobile App Banking for your iPhone.

Download the Putnam Bank App directly to your phone without accessing your phone's app market by using the links below:



Mobile Web - Browser Application:

Available to any end user with internet access on their mobile device.

Putnam Bank is not liable for any charges incurred from your mobile service provider.

Mobile Web Browser Banking give you access to your account information, the ability to transfer funds between any accounts currently accessible through your Online Banking, pay your bills, contact us, find branch locations, and rates.  

The web address for Putnam Bank Web Browser Banking is  
Please be aware, by accessing from your mobile device, you will automatically be redirected to the Mobile Banking website for Putnam Bank.  However; you can access the full site just by clicking on the link. 

Click here to access a demo of Mobile Web Browser Banking.

 *Your mobile carrier’s text messaging and web access/ data rates and charges may apply. Check with your mobile service provider for details on specific fees and charges. Some mobile features may require online setup. Individuals are responsible for security of their mobile device. Never Text and Drive. Web access is required for the Mobile app. Terms and conditions may apply.

Night Deposits

For your convenience, we have Night Depository boxes at all branch locations. If you would like to sign up for this service or need more information, please contact us.

Notary Public

Notarize your important documents at any of our branches. Notary services are offered free to our customers.

Online Banking

Spend less time banking and more time living! Apply for Online Banking and do all your basic banking anytime you want, from anywhere you have Internet access. For FREE! (Normal account fees apply).

  • View all your Putnam Bank Accounts - checking, statement savings, money market accounts, CDs and IRAs - plus your loan accounts.
  • Transfer funds between your PB accounts and other financial institutions.
  • See if checks have cleared or deposits have been posted.
  • Reconcile accounts anytime, without waiting for your statement to arrive in the mail.
  • Download account information into Microsoft Money or Quicken.
  • Use Bill Pay and Presentment ("BPP" / "Bill Pay") and save even more time (Bill Pay is also free*).

    * As long as you make one Bill Payment within a two consecutive month period-otherwise, a $5 monthly fee applies.

Click here for answers to Online Banking FAQs!

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Personal Credit Protection

Protect your valuable credit with Putnam Bank's Personal Credit Protection, a convenient line of credit attached to your checking account.

Putnam Bank Consumer Credit Card 

Whether you’re looking for a card with rewards options or no annual fee, we have the right card for you.

Three Credit Cards to Choose From

We make it easy to choose the credit card that is right for you:

  • Visa® Classic
  • Visa® Platinum
  • Gold MasterCard®

All three cards are available in two options:

Low Rate Card or Preferred Points Card.
These cards are accepted worldwide at businesses, financial institutions, and ATMs.

To Apply, click here, fill out the form, print it (or print it and fill it out by hand) and fax to the number on the form or stop by a branch and we'll fax it for you.

Form more information contact your local Putnam Bank branch.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your birth certificates, deeds, stocks, bonds, wills and passports from theft or fire by renting a Safe Deposit Box. You will have peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe. Boxes are available at each Putnam Bank branch for your convenience. Rates for Safe Deposit Boxes range from $30 to $135 per year depending on size.

$weet Reward$

The $weet Reward$ program allows you to earn cash rewards for shopping at participating merchants by activating an electronic offer through your Online or Mobile Banking.


 Click on offers to activate them through your Online or Mobile Banking. 

Shop using your Putnam Bank Debit Card, either online or in-store according to the offer.

Earn cash back savings that are automatically deposited into your account at the end of the following month. For example, rewards earned in August would be posted into your account at the end of September.
Offers are released based upon Debit Card purchase trends and frequency.

The best part! There's no catch. It's free. And, there is no sign up process. Just activate rewards at your leisure, as many as you want, as often as you want.


Click here for detailed instructions on the process from beginning to end.
To read the full disclosure, please click here.

Vantis Life Insurance Company

Through Vantis Life, Putnam Bank offers a broad range of life insurance products for you to consider. For complete information about the wide range of products available, stop by one of our branches today to speak with one of our licensed representatives.  Click here  to learn more.

Savings Bonds

U.S. Savings Bonds can be used as a gift for any occasion - birthdays, weddings, graduations, births, or special holidays. The list of things to celebrate with bonds is endless. Bonds come in several denominations, so you'll always find the gift that fits your needs!

Please keep in mind, bonds can no longer be purchased at our branch locations, and should be ordered online.

Visit to learn more.

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Verified by VISA®

When making purchases online with your Putnam Bank VISA® Debit Card, you can protect yourself even further with this free service by VISA®.    By registering your Putnam Bank debit card with verified by VISA®, you add an extra layer of protection for your online purchases.  After activation of this security layer, your debit card number is recognized when making purchases at participating online VISA® merchant locations.  When completing your online purchase with your Putnam Bank VISA® debit card, you will be prompted for the Verified by VISA® password you created during registration.  Any non participating online merchant transactions will process as usual.


To learn more or to register your debit card, please click here
For a list of participating online merchants, click here.

Telephone Banking Service

- 1-877-928-6501

Staying in touch with your money is just a touchtone phone call away.  Call our Telephone Banking Service anytime, day or night, from the convenience of your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Obtain Current Account Information
  • Transfer Funds Between your PB Accounts
  • Make Loan Payments and much more

Wire Transfer Services

Transfer money from your Putnam Bank account to locations throughout the world. We can handle both domestic and international. You can also have money transferred to your account when it is necessary. This service can be very important when you need money in a hurry.

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*Subject to approval. Terms and Conditions Apply. Introductory Annual Percentage Rate is in effect for the first 6 months only. Annual Percentage Rates are variable and subject to change.