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Debit Card Management

Debit Card Not Working?

If you are unable to use your card it may be blocked due to our Fraud Prevention Services. To check the status of your card please call 1-866-842-5208.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If you have lost your debit card or it has been stolen, report it to Putnam Bank immediately by calling 1-800-377-4424 during business hours or after business hours call 1-800-264-5578.

When you report that your debit card is lost or stolen, Putnam Bank will close your debit card.

What to Do After Reporting a Lost or Stolen Debit Card

  • Write down the day and time you first realized it was missing
  • Monitor your account for any transactions made after that time and date
  • Make a note of the date, time, location and amount of those transactions

Having this information will help us to dispute any unauthorized charges. Report a lost or stolen debit card as soon as possible so we can close it and help protect you from fraudulent charges.

Deactivate/Activate Your Debit Card

You have the option to deactivate or activate your  Putnam Bank debit card within your online banking profile. If you misplace your debit card simply login to your online banking profile and deactivate it. This will put a restriction on your card. If you later find your card, and have not yet ordered a new card, login to your online banking profile to reactivate your card. NOTE: Deactivating your card will not order a new card, and any transactions authorized before the deactivation will process.

You must visit any Putnam Bank Branch to order a new debit card and to dispute any unauthorized transactions.