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Security Advisory
Please be advised that we are receiving reports of an active Vishing
(voice phishing) campaign, which has impacted a few CT-based
institutions thus far. It was reported that certain residents of the area
have received an automated phone call claiming their debit card has
been reached. The person is instructed to enter their debit card number,
PIN, and sometimes other sensitive information. This is a scam.


Important safety tips to help guard against Vishing:

• Never disclose sensitive information such as account number, debit card
number, SSN, or PIN over the phone;
• Hang up and call the institution using the phone number listed on the web
site or statements to inquire whether this is a legitimate call and
• If you believe you might have revealed sensitive information, call your
financial institution immediately.

 Click here For Mobile Banking Security Tips.    

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Important Telephone Numbers: 

1-877-928-6501 - Telephone Banking - account balances, activity and make transfers.

1-800-448-8268 - Activate a Debit Card or Change your Debit Card PIN.

1-800-264-5578 - To report a lost or stolen Putnam Bank VISA® Check Card.

1-866-842-5208 - Debit Card Fraud Watch Customer Service.