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Convenient Financial Management with Online Banking, Mobile Banking and More at Putnam Bank

Why not add convenience and simplicity to your personal financial management? With a variety of online banking services from Putnam Bank including Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay Unlinked Transfers, External Funds Transfers and eDocuments, you can make your banking experience more efficient, which gives you more time to focus on your family and the important things in life.

Online Banking

With Online Banking you can do more than just view all of your bank accounts – checking, savings, CDs, IRAs and loans – in one place. You can also easily transfer funds between your Putnam Bank accounts and accounts at other institutions, keep an eye on cleared checks and posted deposits, reconcile your account and download your account information for use in Quicken or QuickBooks. Additional features of Online Banking include:

  • Manage My Money – organize and categorize your spending. This feature lets you see where every dime goes. You can view graphs or charts of your spending and savings and you can even establish savings goals. All with no downloading necessary. With Manage My Money you can make financial decisions you feel good about.
  • Reorder Checks
  • Alerts – real time notification of important information related to your Putnam Bank Accounts such as low balance and overdraft notification. An alert will be effective after you establish a subscription including the email address or text address to which the alert will be sent.
  • Deactivate My Card – if you've lost, misplaced, or had your Putnam Bank Debit card stolen you have the ability to disable your card immediately by simply clicking on the Deactivate" button. Once you do so new card based transactions will not be authorized.

Getting signed up for Online Banking at Putnam Bank is easy, too! You can complete your signup online in no time at all. If you have any questions about Online Banking, please feel free to contact our Online Banking departement, at 800-377-4424 option 2.

Mobile Banking

Get all of the convenience of Online Banking in the palm of your hand with Mobile Banking! There are two ways to bank anywhere, anytime with Putnam Bank:

  • Mobile App Banking - The Putnam Bank Mobile Banking App is available for both iPhone and Android-powered mobile phones. This makes accessing your accounts, transferring funds, paying bills and finding the nearest Putnam Bank locations and ATMs easy.
  • Mobile Debit Card Alerts, through the Putnam Bank Mobile Banking app to help you control and monitor debit card usage anywhere, anytime using your mobile device. With Mobile Debit Card Alerts you can protect your debit card from fraud by setting alerts and controls to determine how your debit card can be used. Also, if you misplace your debit card, you can use the app to turn it off . . . and then turn it back on when you find it! Visit iTunes or Google Play and search Putnam Bank to get started. Mobile Debit Card Alerts Quick Reference Guide
  • Quick Balances - Update your Putnam Bank app to tap yur way to Quck Balances! How to activate Quick Balances. Once enabled, simply swipe down on the gray tab located on the Sign in Screen to view your Quick Balances.
  • Fingerprint Authentication - This optional feature allows you to use your fingerprint, rather than entering a traditional password when logging into the Putnam Bank Mobile Banking App. Fingerprint biometric authentication is a safe and secure alternative. Use this quick reference guide to get started Fingerprint Authentication Guide.
  • Mobile Web Browser Access - You can also access your Online Banking account on your mobile device's web browser by simply going to From there, type your login information into the Online Banking login area and you will have access to your accounts.

Online Bill Pay

Imagine no more writing checks for monthly bills and anxiously waiting for them to arrive on time. Online Bill Pay allows you to make individual or recurring payments to multiple vendors. With Online Bill Pay from Putnam Bank you can also:

  • Set up e-bills to receive your monthly bill online instead of by mail (only available if vendor offers e-bills)
  • Create reports to check your spending for certain bills (ex: See how much you paid on utilities last year)
  • Fund your bill payments from multiple checking accounts at Putnam Bank

Best of all, Online Bill Pay is a FREE service at Putnam Bank!

Unlinked Transfers

With Unlinked Transfers you can simply and easily send money to another Putnam Bank account holder, no need to enroll. Contact us for more information about this service.

Funds Transfer (Bank to Bank)

Have an account at another financial institution or brokerage firm? With Funds Transfer (also called external transfer) at Putnam Bank, you can transfer funds to or from your Putnam Bank accounts and your external accounts. Contact Putnam Bank for more information, 800-377-4424 option 2

Popmoney®Transfer (Person to Person)

Who would have ever thought Person to Person payments could be so quick, secure and convenient? Popmoney® lets you send, receive and request money with an email address, mobile phone number or routing and account number, eliminating the need for checks and cash. Contact Putnam Bank for more information, 800-377-4424 option 2


Access your monthly account statements quicker with eDocuments from Putnam Bank. Instead of waiting for a paper copy of your account statement to reach you, login to your Online Banking profile each month to review your statements.

Not only are eDocuments quicker, but you don't have to worry about organizing them at home or storing them securely. Each eDocuments is also less paper being used, meaning you are helping Putnam Bank reduce its impact on the environment.