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Value Services

Additional Personal Banking Products & Services from Putnam Bank

For a complete banking experience, Putnam Bank offers a variety of products and services in addition to our accounts. These services provide added value to your relationship with us and help you manage your finances easier. Simply select a product or service to learn more about it.


Advantage Points®

Sign with every purchase you make with your Putnam Bank VISA® Check Card to earn bonus points. Simply select “credit” when making a purchase and sign your name. For every $3 in purchases, you receive one bonus point that can be used to redeem rewards at www.MyAdvantagePoints.com. Learn more about the Advantage Points® program and read through the Terms and Conditions, then get in touch with Putnam Bank today. Please click here for Advantage Points website. If you’re having trouble signing into the Advantage Points website, please call 888.839.3399.

Putnam Bank VISA® Check Card

Make all your purchases quickly and securely with a Putnam Bank VISA® Check Card. Linked to your personal checking account, your Check Card allows you to make purchases in person or online and access ATMs with the VISA® logo for withdrawals, deposits and transfers. Choose from one of four designs to get a Putnam Bank VISA® Check Card that best fits your style.

Direct Deposit

Why wait in line to deposit your payroll, social security or other recurring income when you could have it directly deposited into your checking or statement savings account? With direct deposit from Putnam Bank you don’t have to worry about getting to the bank on payday. Simply contact Putnam Bank today to get enrolled!

Personal Credit Protection

By attaching this easy-to-use line of credit to your checking account, you protect your valuable credit in the event of an account overdraft. Not only that, but Personal Credit Protection means no returned checks or denied transactions (subject to approval).

Putnam Bank Consumer Credit Card

Credit cards can be flexible financial tools, especially with the right features. Putnam Bank offers three credit card options for you to choose from:

  • World/Preferred Points
  • Low Rate
  • Gold MasterCard®

Each card is available as a Low Rate Card or Preferred Points card, and are accepted worldwide at businesses, financial institutions and ATMs. Simply print and fill out our application form, then bring it to any Putnam Bank office.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Put the security of a safe deposit box at Putnam Bank to work for you. Securely store your birth certificates, passports, deeds, stocks, bonds and other important materials to give yourself peace of mind knowing they are safe. Safe deposit boxes at Putnam Bank range from $30 to $135 per year depending on the size.

Verified by VISA®

Add an extra layer of protection when you shop online with Verified by VISA® to your Putnam Bank VISA® Check Card. Register your card and set up your account and password. Then, whenever you are shopping online with a participating merchant, you will be asked for your password as part of the checkout process. Any online transactions with non-participating merchants will be processed as usual.

Telephone Banking

Need to access your Putnam Bank accounts but don’t have an internet connection? Telephone Banking gives you the access you need. Call 1-877-928-6501 any time, day or night, to hear your account balances, transfers funds between your Putnam Bank accounts, make a loan payment and more.

If you have any questions about the services mentioned here, please contact Putnam Bank today!