Customer Checklist: What To Do Before the Upgrade

  • Read this Entire Booklet!
    During the upgrade, there will be periods where you will be unable to access your accounts via branch or online channels. It is extremely important that you take time to review the information in this booklet to understand exactly what will be taking place and how it may impact you as a customer.
  • Save or Print eStatement History
    If you need to retain eStatements older than 18 months, please download and or print them before 4:00 PM on December 4. Online Banking will retain the last 18 months of history going forward.
  • Plan Ahead for Cash Needs Over the Weekend
    If you will need extra cash on hand or plan to make withdrawals from an ATM during the Upgrade, please be sure to plan your finances accordingly. 
  • Schedule Bill Payments Accordingly
    Schedule Online Bill Payments for before or after the Upgrade. If scheduled to be delivered/paid on a date when the Upgrade is in progress, it will not be processed until Monday, December 7. 
  • Review New Personal Account Disclosures
    On December 1, select Putnam Bank personal deposit accounts will be converted to Centreville Bank account types. Please review the terms and conditions of the new account types prior to the Upgrade.
  • Review Updated Fee Schedule
    There will be changes made to the Fee Schedule that take effect December 1. Please take the time to review prior to the Upgrade.

System Service Upgrade Guide